daoine_o (daoine_o) wrote,

i <3 ice castles...


no, not the cheesy 1978 movie with lynn-holly johnson (um, who?) and robby benson (um, who?), oh, and don't even get me started on the fact they recently remade an already absurdly cheesy movie...go hollywood, *sneer, roll eyes*...um, anyways...

no, i'm talking about the beautiful, glistening, fascinating ice castle that's evolving in silverthorne. yeah, a hell of a drive for many, but not so bad for us already in the pointylands.

if you go, especially at night, bundle up. it's been incredibly windy here lately and it was brutally biting cold there, with the wind channeling thru the tunnels. just very bone chilling cutting-cold. they do sell handwarmers and hot drinks at the ticket booth, but just plan ahead and bring your own for afterwards (like a thermos of something hot and fortified/fortifying is recommended). they do provide hiking poles for stability if desired; nice, since you're walking on crunchy slippery ice.

ever been to a real cave and seen 'cave bacon;? there are places in the ceiling there that look like cave bacon made of ice...wow. and rounded 'petals' of ice forming horizontally off of vertical icicles, and things that look like saw-fish noses, and 'shields' of ice with stalagmites, and other formations that look like actual flowstone. there are tunnels, and caverns, and alcoves, and lights.

i've dumped about 2 dozen photos below behind the cut; some better than others due to my only having a camera phone, so sorry the quality isn't stellar. it's really worth checking out the place...it's ever-evolving, and weather permitting, it will be there into march.

here's the website, to go see pictures much better than mine: www.icecastles.com

and my pix:

^this was supposed to show the 'cave bacon' but it was too dim. :( ^

^that arch to the middle-right is the entrance to a tunnel...there were several that connected into a sort of mini-maze. looks creepy in the picture!^

^the person in the lower right gives a good perspective on how tall these formations are. ^

^mr grey^

^mr grey again^ ;)

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