daoine_o (daoine_o) wrote,

how does your garden grow?


figured i'd better update again before the russian spambots eat my brain.

garden is doing well...kinda hit-and-miss, tho. have had gobs of kale (still yum after 4, 5 harvests?) but only got one harvest of spinach before it bolted. still no peppers, no cauliflower, but have one adorable broccoli stalk growing (about 2" across, go, broccoli go!), and gobs of still-green tomatoes of various sizes. let's all cross our fingers, shall we? (and thanx again for the prayer flags hanging on the garden fence, azothoth...i know they've helped make all the difference!)

'k. could ramble on about the many guests we've had visiting over the last 2+ months (family and friends, all) and new acquaintances, but...just don't wanna. *shrug* i'm so tired, wish i was the moon. all know who they are. :)

so there.

spambots, be gone.
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