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because it's been a long, long time...


and the spambots are relentless.

if anyone still reads my journal (or lj, for all that):

to rahash that of almost 7 months ago: i'm still selling the organic, free-range, sustainable donuts. my standards haven't changed, but sadly, a job's a job. i still have my standards. and if people ask, well...i share my standards.

but enough, yaddayaddayadda.

this, *this* is primarily a post about what we hath wrought here in these-here pointylands.

last year's epic gardening failure taught us that without a greenhouse or at the very least coldframes, growing our own food was pretty much hopeless. so, we procured a community-garden plot 15 miles down the road, at a mere 7500' above sea level, vs. our own untenable near-9200'.

and this is what we have:

and another view:

and look! there in the middle! a tomato! (green, small, but still a tomato!)

we planted 4 tomatoes, 2 red russian ragged kale (and have harvested and eaten some...yummy!), 2 spinach (ditto! best spinach *evah*), 2 green peppers (still only greenery), 2 broccoli (ditto) and cauliflower (ditto). but it's a garden, and it's growing!

many thanks to azothoth, who traveled from the wilds of montana for an epic meeting and to bestow us with the prayer flags from ewam which now grace our garden. :::waves hi:::

now that it's *finally* here, this summer's been grand thus far, with visits from afar, hikes, climbs, music fests, melodramas, and other such merriment. the big worry is the ever-rising creek, which has already wiped out some of our lower-lying neighbor's yards despite sandbags, and is threatening to take out at least one bridge in town...the water's already crashing against the bottom of the bridges, and we've had daily rains for three days. on top of a late runoff...

thus cause for much nail-biting and fretting. and i don't mean on my banjo. it's downright scary.

or, is it just the way it's supposed to be? as if we can know? or..can we?

and so...enough about me. wait. it's *my* page. i can talk about me all i want. but i'm done for now. you?
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