July 19th, 2009


the latest (mis)adventure...

pictures from saturday's hike. don't try this yourself, kids, we are highly (un)trained-and-(un)skilled amateurs with death-wishes. behold the snowdrift mine. this was not quite the tailings-pile of doom (referenced in mr grey's journal), but still a trailblazing, bushwacking, zany and madcap venture. we have the scratches, bruises, and strains to prove it. and a touch of sunburn to go with our insanity.

^the prey as seen from above^

^the prey reached^

^another view, with ore chute^

^yet another view, and check out those skylights!^

^tiny nearby slope-roofed building (powder house, perhaps?) no taller than ~4' at front, ~7' at rear, and perhaps 4' wide and deep^

^very cool pipe boiler with brick housing partially intact^

^boiler again, imprinted "woodbury, booth & pryor, rochester ny"^

^strange piece of equipment, dated 1886, stamped chicago, cannon and some-other-name-i-was-too-stupid-to-write-down-and-the-photo-didn't-come-out-clearly-enough^

i have a few other photos of all this, just more of the same from different angles or whatnot, but i reckon i've clogged up everyone's f-list enough. thank you for viewing. ;)
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