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the wrath of grapes...

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3rd October 2016

1:17am: Farewell, Snowdrift...
Reference my post from 07/19/09 for photos.
The Snowdrift is no more. Because people suck, the beautiful assayer's building pictured no longer exists. It burned to the ground September 28, 2016, presumably because some asshole(s) couldn't put out their campfire properly. Why they would even bother to camp someplace so inaccessible, and so very special...

Did I mention people suck?

11th January 2014

2:09am: my favorite color is...
Current Mood: weird

30th December 2013

12:35pm: 2013 adieu...

good, bad, highs, lows, ups, downs. lather, rinse, repeat. another year behind me.

still hoping to win the lottery. yes, i play.
Current Mood: melancholy

24th July 2013

1:24am: adventure awaits...

off to explore tomorrow....

a mine? a ruin...not sure what awaits. but off we go.

anything to follow? dunno. stay tuned. don't hold your breath. *shrug*
Current Mood: excited

21st June 2013

12:27am: fabulous quotes exercised in real life, pt 1...*

“ever notice how 'what the hell' is always the right answer?” ~ marilyn monroe

...and so i got my nose pierced yesterday.

*not that this is intended to be a recurring theme, but...what the hell. it might. or not.
Current Mood: accomplished

5th June 2013

12:09am: spambots, be gone!

so, in the interest of attempting to keep this account open and spambot-free...

going on an adventure in the morning. may/not make it all the way, but figured this was as good a place as any to chronicle it if we make it. have had warm-ish weather, but may not be enough to eat enough of the late-season snow away from our route.

so, i'd say stay tuned, but who really reads this any more anyway?

welcome to the twitterverse, lj-saur.

Current Mood: pensive

31st December 2012

1:22pm: because it's almost a new year...

and i haven't posted in a while. suppose no news is good news?

not much to say, other than:

'i'd rather be lost in the mountains than found in the city.'

reckon i might hafta go to cafepress and have that made into a bumper sticker or two...
Current Mood: contemplative

18th October 2012

12:09am: return to the commode of doooooooom...

so...a couple weeks ago we decided to risk our lives and visit the fabled 12-seat outhouse again. we found it about 2 years ago on a hike, having been told about its mythical presence, but not knowing its exact whereabouts. we magically found it, albeit late in the day after a harrowing hike...yeah, i was doggedly determined. it was a dangerous enough venture that we venerated the area and told it we would respect it and not come back again anytime soon. well, 2 years later was soon enough.

the first part is easy-peasy; a typical hike up an old mine trail above the main mine buildings and workings...past old boilers and dumps of cans. then you make it to the upper reach; past a massive and frighteningly bulging timbered support above you, begging to give way ( now? , over a crumbling tailings pile with a vague trail set on a vertiginous slant hurtling downward a hundred feet and more. you reach the upper mine flats, look upwards and eastwards over that huge hump of rock, know the prize is waiting...and up you go. oh, please, yes, we can do this...we did it before. wait...does any of this look familiar? where are we? have we gone too high? should we start to aim east? is this really the way we went last time? or has the landscape altered...you know, the last few winters and all...rockslides...wait! this looks sort of familiar? ???

truly, this is a dangerous approach; sliding over and slipping down-and-then-up-again loose talus, navigating scree fields seemingly made of ball bearings and marbles, stumbling up steep rock-face scrabbles and oh-yeah-did-i-mention avoiding very deep open mine shafts all along the way. needless to say not for the faint of heart or, well, those who just plain don't wanna die today. several times along the approach i remarked, 'if we didn't know that what we were looking for was indeed up here, we wouldn't be doing this, would we?' there was evidence of rock climbers on the way up; looking to our right we're bordered on our north side by a sheer rock wall with belays and old-style chocks and nuts set in it. but we're not rock-climbers and there's no other way up to this madness (or down) for us other than the mad crazy way we've made it up before, and are doing again.

so, to explain:

this is an old mine compound we're bound for; a building multi-roomed and many-partitioned..seemingly randomly put together and incomprehensible in its architecture. it sits on the edge of a huge crumbling tailings pile on the equally crumbling edge of a gulch of which a creek tumbles far far below down steep slippery and sharp rock. don't even think about it; you can't get there from here. the east side of the building is long gone; collapsed into rubble whether by vandals or mother nature's inexorable destructive march due to gravity. but the outhouse, oh yes...the outhouse...sits to the west, so it is actually what you find first; the building is to be investigated after.

the outhouse is set in a bowl of ground; a moat if you will, accessed now only by a rotted single plank of 1" x 6" leading into the building. the boards on the south-side foundation have been removed long ago by treasure-seekers; coins, bottles, and even guns have been found in old outhouse pits. metal detectors are awesome tools to have for this sort of thing, but owing to the inaccessibility of this place, i wonder how/if anyone has been up there in recent times being able to carry such contraptions with them, but since the boards covering the foundation have been ripped away, i fear it has been long ago plundered. only pine needles and cones, and old dirt are left now.

and here we go...

clicky for outhouse-y goodnessCollapse )

so, uh, yeah. that was our death-defying hike a couple weeks ago. obviously we made it down alive. i could have taken more pix of the way up, and/or down, but i didn't really think of it at the time, just trying to live thru it, and also, well......

i don't really want to let on where this is. those who know, already know, but i've done a google search and haven't found any widespread evidence of people finding this place, or knowing where it is.

*that's why there are all those x's up above.

hell-ooooo! this is a 12 seat outhouse at an old mine camp, and i don't know that there are too many of them left. this is pretty damned cool.

so, look at my random somewhat unsorted pix, and be amazed. 'k?
Current Mood: accomplished

24th September 2012

1:14am: just another bit to keep the spambots away...

yep, i'm still here.

ah, 'tis the changing of the seasons...the leaves turning the very color of the precious gold that brought so many here seeking their fortunes a century-and-several-score ago, but this gold has no monetary value; its only worth is the one seen in the eyes of the viewers passing through to wonder and gape and snap photos.

yes, indeed...so pretty, so transient, and so ominously telling of what is to come...

the long dark time will be upon us soon. so easy to fall into melancholy...bright days sadly few and short, the early arrival of night, the cold that seeps in and chills so deep; will it never end? hard to keep one's spirits light. we just have to find that warmth and light within...somehow.

seek out the small things that brighten and cheer...hold on to them, however fleeting. it's barely fall but already thoughts must turn to the promise of spring for solace...the dark can't last forever, right?

(abolishing daylight savings time sure would help...put that on your agenda, mr president!)

yeah, shouldn't wallow in this dismal quagmire forever, now should i? or could i... ;p

on a more morbidly whimsical note, upon receiving some recent bad news, i found whilst soaring upon the cloudy-webz that while some have indeed sadly left this plane, others have grown substantially much larger than life...and not metaphorically. i don't mean that in a good way (as if there were one?). wow. um, yeah. wow. it could be said: 'there but for the grace of...'? i don't need the divine to tell me. i know i'm capable of better than that, thankfully. whenever i feel low and sad, i just look back and know...

"better is the poor that walketh in his integrity, than the rich that is perverse in his lips, and is a fool."
Current Mood: moody

21st July 2012

12:02am: "you get what everyone gets. a lifetime" ...revisited

...and now another lost. my engineer at the radio station...the one who somehow made everything work, seemingly holding things together with little more than bubblegum and baling wire, as mr grey would say. it has been several weeks since the initial incident which brought him down, and those weeks had been filled with up-and-down, bad/good/bad/then-worse news from various other folk i'd encounter from around the station.

bob was never in good health from the day i met him, but what malady/ies he suffered from were never divulged. it was difficult to watch him very literally *drag* himself around the studio while holding to the walls and shelves for support; he could barely walk, but he was always in good spirits all the same....albeit quirky, but witty and even urbane when we would speak (imagine, the man used the word 'perspicacious' in conversation with me once?) but he somehow took ill due to an environmental danger he wasn't well-enough aware of, and it was too much for him.

strange that i'll not hear from him again...to expect the station phone to ring at 6:40 with his inimitable voice giving instruction, information, updates or advice, and a cheery sign- off after words of encouragement and appreciation. he'd always thank me for my continued participation with the station; i'd always thank him for the opportunity.

i never knew him outside of the station, but he was the watchmaker there...the one who made everything tick. who will wind the watch now?
Current Mood: sad

6th July 2012

12:28am: "you get what everyone gets. a lifetime."
"strange is our situation here upon earth. each of us comes for a short visit, not knowing why, yet sometimes seeming to a divine purpose. from the standpoint of daily life, however, there is one thing we do know: that we are here for the sake of others. . . for the countless unknown souls with whose fate we are connected by a bond of sympathy.
many times a day, i realize how much my outer and inner life is built upon the labors of people, both living and dead, and how earnestly i must exert myself in order to give in return as much as i have received."
~albert einstein

here's to you, joe. may the next world be better for you than this one was. glad(?) i could help. even tho i never knew you.
Current Mood: contemplative

8th May 2012

11:16pm: just a few words to ward off the spambots...

that is all.

just needed to put a little something out there.

been a few months, figured it was time.
Current Mood: blah

22nd February 2012

10:29pm: i <3 ice castles...

no, not the cheesy 1978 movie with lynn-holly johnson (um, who?) and robby benson (um, who?), oh, and don't even get me started on the fact they recently remade an already absurdly cheesy movie...go hollywood, *sneer, roll eyes*...um, anyways...

no, i'm talking about the beautiful, glistening, fascinating ice castle that's evolving in silverthorne. yeah, a hell of a drive for many, but not so bad for us already in the pointylands.

if you go, especially at night, bundle up. it's been incredibly windy here lately and it was brutally biting cold there, with the wind channeling thru the tunnels. just very bone chilling cutting-cold. they do sell handwarmers and hot drinks at the ticket booth, but just plan ahead and bring your own for afterwards (like a thermos of something hot and fortified/fortifying is recommended). they do provide hiking poles for stability if desired; nice, since you're walking on crunchy slippery ice.

ever been to a real cave and seen 'cave bacon;? there are places in the ceiling there that look like cave bacon made of ice...wow. and rounded 'petals' of ice forming horizontally off of vertical icicles, and things that look like saw-fish noses, and 'shields' of ice with stalagmites, and other formations that look like actual flowstone. there are tunnels, and caverns, and alcoves, and lights.

i've dumped about 2 dozen photos below behind the cut; some better than others due to my only having a camera phone, so sorry the quality isn't stellar. it's really worth checking out the place...it's ever-evolving, and weather permitting, it will be there into march.

here's the website, to go see pictures much better than mine: www.icecastles.com

and my pix:

clicky for icy-cold refreshment. no, i mean enjoymentCollapse )
Current Mood: cold but happy

4th January 2012

4:25pm: new year, time to post...

...before the spambots notice my absence.

nothing new. winter here. even tho there's little snow, cabin fever is running a high temp.

ok, there. i posted.

(i think i'm the one of the only lj-ers left out there, besides the bots. oh, well. if i ever have anything to say, i'll have a place here for as long as it lasts...)
Current Mood: blah

10th October 2011

12:49am: i could edit my post to add this, but it stands on its own just fine, thanks...

"as imperceptibly as grief
the summer lapsed away, --
too imperceptible, at last,
to seem like perfidy.

a quietness distilled,
as twilight long begun,
or nature, spending with herself
sequestered afternoon.

the dusk drew earlier in,
the morning foreign shone, --
a courteous, yet harrowing grace,
as guest who would be gone.

and thus, without a wing,
or service of a keel,
our summer made her light escape
into the beautiful".

--"as imperceptibly as grief" by emily dickinson
Current Mood: poetic
12:09am: a long-overdue post that no one but the spambots will notice...

and so it needs to be made...

the first snows have come up here in the pointylands. thus begins the winter of my discontent...with winter. *sigh*

such is the price to pay for living in such a wonderland the other xxxx months of the year, whose number i dare not say, for they are so varied. oft-times we have no spring up here, at least not in the way the flatlanders know it. and 'fall' can last for quite a long time before we're ready to actually give it over to winter proper. i'm still not ready. there will still be hikes, just slower; more weighed down with protective gear and just-in-case-garb. clunky snowshoes will replace fleet sleek hikers, spiked poles instead of mere sticks to offer support over what were merely splashed-wet, not ice-slicked rocks...cold noses, fingers and toes replace sweat trickling down mid-back and shining forehead. such is the way of the seasons.

we've been bringing home dozens of tomatoes from our garden-space, many green and some wizened before their time, lest they become verdant ice cubes and popsicles. no-one here likes them fried-green, as is the southern way, so they rest in the windowsills hoping for miraculous reddening. we'll see. the heirlooms are amazingly hardy. would i could learn from them?

so yes, there it is...another turning of the seasons. what else can i say? see you all on the other side...
Current Mood: cold

3rd August 2011

10:53pm: how does your garden grow?

figured i'd better update again before the russian spambots eat my brain.

garden is doing well...kinda hit-and-miss, tho. have had gobs of kale (still yum after 4, 5 harvests?) but only got one harvest of spinach before it bolted. still no peppers, no cauliflower, but have one adorable broccoli stalk growing (about 2" across, go, broccoli go!), and gobs of still-green tomatoes of various sizes. let's all cross our fingers, shall we? (and thanx again for the prayer flags hanging on the garden fence, azothoth...i know they've helped make all the difference!)

'k. could ramble on about the many guests we've had visiting over the last 2+ months (family and friends, all) and new acquaintances, but...just don't wanna. *shrug* i'm so tired, wish i was the moon. all know who they are. :)

so there.

spambots, be gone.
Current Mood: calm

10th July 2011

3:02am: because it's been a long, long time...

and the spambots are relentless.

if anyone still reads my journal (or lj, for all that):

to rahash that of almost 7 months ago: i'm still selling the organic, free-range, sustainable donuts. my standards haven't changed, but sadly, a job's a job. i still have my standards. and if people ask, well...i share my standards.

but enough, yaddayaddayadda.

this, *this* is primarily a post about what we hath wrought here in these-here pointylands.

last year's epic gardening failure taught us that without a greenhouse or at the very least coldframes, growing our own food was pretty much hopeless. so, we procured a community-garden plot 15 miles down the road, at a mere 7500' above sea level, vs. our own untenable near-9200'.

and this is what we have:

and another view:

and look! there in the middle! a tomato! (green, small, but still a tomato!)

we planted 4 tomatoes, 2 red russian ragged kale (and have harvested and eaten some...yummy!), 2 spinach (ditto! best spinach *evah*), 2 green peppers (still only greenery), 2 broccoli (ditto) and cauliflower (ditto). but it's a garden, and it's growing!

many thanks to azothoth, who traveled from the wilds of montana for an epic meeting and to bestow us with the prayer flags from ewam which now grace our garden. :::waves hi:::

now that it's *finally* here, this summer's been grand thus far, with visits from afar, hikes, climbs, music fests, melodramas, and other such merriment. the big worry is the ever-rising creek, which has already wiped out some of our lower-lying neighbor's yards despite sandbags, and is threatening to take out at least one bridge in town...the water's already crashing against the bottom of the bridges, and we've had daily rains for three days. on top of a late runoff...

thus cause for much nail-biting and fretting. and i don't mean on my banjo. it's downright scary.

or, is it just the way it's supposed to be? as if we can know? or..can we?

and so...enough about me. wait. it's *my* page. i can talk about me all i want. but i'm done for now. you?
Current Mood: at once elated and fearful

31st January 2011

2:59am: disenchantment and crisis of conscience...

...all rolled into one. oh, but there's more..so much more.

who do you trust when everyone's a crook?' ~queensryche, 'revolution calling'

so, for those who haven't been keeping up on me and my life (and that's okay...it really isn't that interesting) i work at a 'health food store' chain. people shop there because they trust what we sell, and want to think/truly think they're buying a 'cut above' the usual mass-market grocery store offerings.

once upon a time, i believe that was the case; that my company's founders had their customer's best interests at heart, (ok, as well as earning a living for themselves; they weren't *total* altruists, but still they had ideals). if you've not already figured it out (or read/remembered my previous posts), here's the backstory:

i'm not naming names, but my company was started over 55 years ago by a young married couple who borrowed $200 from the wife's family to go door-to-door, offering books on vitamins and nutrition, as well as taking orders for home-baked bread, which they would deliver the next week. imagine back in the year 1955; this concept wasn't very well-known or popular back in those days (narrowly paralleling the late jack lalanne; a health pioneer as well), but they persevered and started a small but successful 'heath food store' that flourished and continued to grow and prosper throughout the denver/metro area, and they were able to expand and open more stores, all with that same small, simple basic ideal of selling people good, healthy foods and products at 'everyday affordable prices' (their slogan).

but over the years, that all changed. my, oh, my, how it has changed.

they went from a very small local company (with very cheesy commercials), to a multi-state (5 at last count) corporation with dozens upon dozens of stores. yes, just another corporation who i now feel cares very little about their original ideals, ethics or morals, and in the years since the founder's deaths, even though they still loudly and proudly proclaim they are still a 'family owned company.', have become yet just another corporation, with all the mindless sheeplike corporate policies for their employees and blind-eye notice to the minutiae of employee harmony/discord, and concerned only with their bottom line (oh, but still with cheesy commercials)*. in their defense, i did hear from a long-time employee that it was only in the last few years it got this bad...this corporate...this mindless, as opposed to mindful. oh, gee...lucky me.

wow...i was soooo eager to get hired there...it was a dream come true.

ha. ha. ha.

having been employed there for nearly a year now, in addition to my sad realization it wasn't the dream job i thought, i've learned a lot on my own owing to my interest in such things as pertaining to my own lifestyle, and have become very, very, *very* disenchanted with the products sold there, and at other 'natural foods' chains, and the way consumers have been duped...just with the 'natural foods industry' in general. true, it's up to the consumer to do their homework, but so much of this is so carefully concealed...to the casual 'natural foods/products' consumer, they think they're doing the right thing by shopping at my store or similar places, versus their standard grocery store/mass merchandiser.

so, now in the interest of public education, may i offer this primer on the 'who's who' in natural foods (are you still with me?).

did you know:

burt's bees is now owned by clorox. a company that engages in animal testing and sells toxic chemicals as their everyday bread and butter. and are now found at such ('green'?) places as target. for more, click here:


tom's of maine is now owned by colgate-palmolive. their formulas have totally, completely changed from the simple, basic ingredients the company was founded on by good old tom and kate chappell. for example, tom's used to boast they didn't put SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate) in their products, now it's commonplace.

more info:


and this, from disgruntled consumers, on tom's own site:


seventh generation fired their own founder, (and their products are now poised to be available at places like walmart):


thanks to the internet, it's not hard to find out who's real, and who's not, and what brands use 'organic' in their name. and shouldn't be doing so. and just what's going on in the world of 'natural' products...

nature's gate. jason. desert essence. giovanni. avalon. alba. the list goes on and on...there might be a bare percentage of organic in their products, but they're overall just duping the public. blame the government for not regulating? maybe. but instead i blame the companies for shamelessly exploiting the current vagaries of the word and taking advantage of consumers.

one of the saddest of all? celestial seasonings teas, started by mo siegel back in the very-early 70's. an honest, decent company, who in the quest for cash joined with hain natural foods, and has become the hain-celestial group, the largest owner/distributor of natural products ever. while this is bad enough to the conscious consumer who wants to only buy products from small, local, independent companies (or at least companies that share their ethics), the hain-celestial group is in not-substantial-part (by a leveraging and influential standards standpoint) owned by...heinz.



as you'll see, a large number of the brands you trusted and thought were small independent companies-with-a-conscience are owned by hain-celestial, and the numbers are growing constantly. can you trust them? i'll leave that up to you. i don't buy anything from them.

more guilt-by-associations:

cascadian farms and muir glen: both owned by general mills.

odwalla: owned by coke.

naked: owned by pepsi.

back to nature: owned by kraft.

knudsen: owned by smuckers.

seeds of change: owned by m&m mars.

tazo tea: owned by starbucks. (what more can be said?...starbucks. responsible for the deaths of hundreds of local coffee shops...generic cubes with their homogenized mediocre coffee and 'droid barristas. what a pox on society. the coffee-shop version of mcdonald's.)

i could go on and on.

idealistically, if i could, i'd like to open a 'natural foods' store stocked with only products that are transparent, trustworthy, and are what they say. ideally...local, responsible, and worthy. but between health department regulations surrounding anyplace that deals in food, and the immense dollars required to start up/run such a place, it's just a pipe dream. all i can do is shop with my conscience, and try to educate my customers without getting fired for telling the truth and thus damaging my employer's bottom line by discouraging the purchase of less-than-scrupulous merchandise from less-than-scrupulous companies. i may be passing judgment on these products, but you know? i'm not gossiping if what i say is the truth. it's up to the consumer to make the right choice.

each day i wake up to go to work and feel like i'm being dishonest, and hate that the company i so wanted to work for is so not what i thought it was...i thought i believed in them, that they had integrity and shared my values. now i want out. our customers are dupes, or simply wear 'good guy badges', thinking they're buying better products than the supermarket next door; that they'll be healthier since they bought them from my store, right? right?

however, there are also those who shop at my store as a 'good guy badge', or to impress others with how healthy (and wealthy) they are, since they buy my store's brands, all the while simply buying processed convenience foods we sell, that aren't really that much different from what the supermarket chain next door sells. but hey, those products we sell, well, they're *natural*, right?


what have i done? i'm making a living, but not a meaningful life. in my search for a job with a company with decency and integrity, i've only found myself nigh-sleeping with the enemy.

i'm so very sad and disheartened...what to do to find meaningful employment? must i be doomed to meaningless work for companies i don't care about to make a living? i've done that for so long...the good places; the places i truly enjoyed working for, that i truly felt *bad* for getting paid to work for, they were so much fun? they never lasted. they closed. or worse, they changed. stopped being what they were; what they started as since well, that wasn't profitable...having employees be happy? well! can't have that! gotta start sucking and being corporate to ensure that bottom line. screw that! (to be crass and puerile).

the only way to be happy is to do it myself? yeah. i reckon. but do i have what it takes? maybe. but what it most takes is what i don't have. i have the ideas. i have the *ideals*. i feel there's the need. a market, for those who have been looking. but the obstacles are truly insurmountable (um...'obstacles' being vast endless quantities of money, of course). so i continue to dream. and be sad. and do my own small part, and try to take comfort in that. but it's not enough.

is this just the miserable human condition?

*by-the-by: i don't own a television, and haven't for many years...i've only heard-tell of the downright horrible commercials my employer runs. i'm very sorry to be associated with that...i hear secondhand from customers of acquaintances of theirs who flat-out refuse to shop at our stores because of those horrid commercials. :::shaking head::: i can't fathom what marketing genius they're paying who promotes rampant headlong wanton growth while at the same time alienating potential customers with such mind-blowingly bad amateurish (but they're all *family* featured in those!) works actually being broadcast. i have to watch the same sorts of 'skits' during our regular trainings. i wince to think this sort of horrifying and embarrassing dreck is being broadcast as a means to attract customers. yea, verily...the mind boggles.


oh, hey! the wonders of the internet! is that you? has home office/HR has found my 'social networking page' and read my disparaging words? am i fired? i couldn't hope that these words are read and actually mulled over as a possible explanation for so very many ills in the workplaces of so many others? nah. just fire me and hire more sheep who don't actually think for themselves, or ask questions...that's waaay too dangerous. just hire more brain-dead sheep all around and everything will be fine. nah, don't pay any attention to what i say...just ignore me. it'll be better for the bottom line, really.

blahblahblahblahblahblahblahmyheadtalking after a particularly rotten day at work......
Current Mood: discontent

22nd January 2011

1:06am: kombucha crisis...

ok, crisis isn't quite the word, for some might consider this a boon.

i'm overrun with scobies. i have jars of massive, thick, creamy, epic, healthy-hale-and-hearty scobies, and that's the problem...i have too many! i can't just let them *die*; they're *alive*!

sooo, anyone interested in making their own 'buch? i can mail a scoby in a pint of starter tea, double-bagged to keep it safe. i'd ask for shipping costs and maybe a looooove offering of a little extra, and i'll email you my vast store of info on making your own, unless you already know and just need a scoby-source.

help save the scobies!

(and get healthy at the same time!)
Current Mood: bubbling with 'bucha

26th December 2010

10:59am: :::cue music:::

happy birthday to me,
happy birthday to me,
happy birthday dear me,
happy birthday to me...

:::me blowing out candles:::

Current Mood: determined

20th November 2010

11:57pm: a brief addendum...

the buddhist quote for today from my inbox...

"there is a saying in tibetan, "tragedy should be utilized as a source of strength."
no matter what sort of difficulties, how painful experience is, if we lose our hope, that's our real disaster."

~his holiness the dalai lama

i mean, c'mon. would h.h. lie? :-/

this seems prophetic and apt:

"cold is the water
it freezes your already cold mind
already cold, cold mind
and death is at your doorstep
and it will steal your innocence
but it will not steal your substance

but you are not alone in this
and you are not alone in this
as brothers we will stand and we'll hold your hand
hold your hand

and you are the mother
the mother of your baby child
the one to whom you gave life
and you have your choices
and these are what make man great
his ladder to the stars

but you are not alone in this
and you are not alone in this
as brothers we will stand and we'll hold your hand
hold your hand

and i will tell the night
whisper, 'lose your sight'
but i can't move the mountains for you"
Current Mood: edgy

18th November 2010

11:49pm: coincidentally, a month since my last post...

...but thought i should. gotta keep the spambots at bay.

what's new? good stuff, weezils...more weezils. rare and fantastical weezils.

bad stuff. lots of bad stuff. profound potential fatal sickness, and at this veryvery time, possible mortality, on 2 fronts. familial and familiar.

don't feel the need to go into detail. those who know the familiar will find out, and the familial is my own concern.

otherwise, indifference. too much work, never enough play, and never enough pay.

i reckon i'm not alone in that...

thanksgiving? what's that? not for the turkeys.
Current Mood: pensive

19th October 2010

11:24pm: grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr....

'k, so granted it's been a couple months since i last posted, but why should that mean my lj is being attacked by spambots? (or something of that nature...)

i've had to report/ban/delete 3 different completely unrelated comments from my last post in the last few weeks. wtf is up with that?

eventually i'll get around to making a post, but lately i'm just too busy working and trying to find a way to not have to work anymore (oh, yeah, but still earn a living. those pesky bills, and that mortgage, doncha know...)

:::shaking head in dejection, shaking fist in annoyance:::
Current Mood: aggravated

15th August 2010

11:55pm: so close...

rush...Rush...RUSH.... RUSH!!!

can i get a 'woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!'?

:::holding up lighter:::

red rocks, here we come!
Current Mood: enthralled
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