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the wrath of grapes...

sporadic (mis)adventures and musings of a terminally besotted lunachick

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the latest update/editorial take, various bits 'n' pieces and impressions from my mind; ever changing and evolving.

(be warned, purple prose follows...)

for those who used to think they knew me, or for those who want to try...

and so...some many-many-and-then-some moons ago (give-or-take), i woke up and left behind 2 dying societies with their phony castes and the constricted life they dictated. then shortly thereafter-and-beyond, i jumped off the edge of 'the new world' and back in time to a brave and determined old one. one of dusty streets and careworn victorian buildings, where memories of those long-gone still fill the air and give names to the tattered lanes. my society is now one of ravens and pine trees; blue jays and aspens; magpies, mountains and mine ruins; and tough genuine folk who don't have time for masks. welcome to life at 9160' (yep...we're high all right).

the retrospective and introspective bat's-eye view no longer looks down upon the city...there's nothing there anymore that holds any interest; the sights, sounds and smells are repellent. the crowds of people, places, and things there that once were part of life are long ago and far away; from another time. those that still cling to that old life miss out on so much by not looking up and looking around, only looking at themselves.

now, so far from the facades and masks and so near to the real wonder and wonders life holds, it's truly a new world, here in the old.

there's a saying up here in the pointylands: "if you're lucky enough to be in the mountains, you're lucky enough."

so there you have it. my head talking.

those who already know me, know that they may not know me so well as they thought, and those who don't? get to know me, you may like me, you may not. again, to me, macht nicht. i don't ask for approval or understanding...

well, once again my yahoo avatar has disappeared. yes, i understand they're getting rid of them so i downloaded it to my computer but i can't seem to get it to appear here. whatever. *shrug*

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