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yep, i'm still here.

ah, 'tis the changing of the seasons...the leaves turning the very color of the precious gold that brought so many here seeking their fortunes a century-and-several-score ago, but this gold has no monetary value; its only worth is the one seen in the eyes of the viewers passing through to wonder and gape and snap photos.

yes, indeed...so pretty, so transient, and so ominously telling of what is to come...

the long dark time will be upon us soon. so easy to fall into melancholy...bright days sadly few and short, the early arrival of night, the cold that seeps in and chills so deep; will it never end? hard to keep one's spirits light. we just have to find that warmth and light within...somehow.

seek out the small things that brighten and cheer...hold on to them, however fleeting. it's barely fall but already thoughts must turn to the promise of spring for solace...the dark can't last forever, right?

(abolishing daylight savings time sure would help...put that on your agenda, mr president!)

yeah, shouldn't wallow in this dismal quagmire forever, now should i? or could i... ;p

on a more morbidly whimsical note, upon receiving some recent bad news, i found whilst soaring upon the cloudy-webz that while some have indeed sadly left this plane, others have grown substantially much larger than life...and not metaphorically. i don't mean that in a good way (as if there were one?). wow. um, yeah. wow. it could be said: 'there but for the grace of...'? i don't need the divine to tell me. i know i'm capable of better than that, thankfully. whenever i feel low and sad, i just look back and know...

"better is the poor that walketh in his integrity, than the rich that is perverse in his lips, and is a fool."
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