daoine_o (daoine_o) wrote,

"you get what everyone gets. a lifetime" ...revisited


...and now another lost. my engineer at the radio station...the one who somehow made everything work, seemingly holding things together with little more than bubblegum and baling wire, as mr grey would say. it has been several weeks since the initial incident which brought him down, and those weeks had been filled with up-and-down, bad/good/bad/then-worse news from various other folk i'd encounter from around the station.

bob was never in good health from the day i met him, but what malady/ies he suffered from were never divulged. it was difficult to watch him very literally *drag* himself around the studio while holding to the walls and shelves for support; he could barely walk, but he was always in good spirits all the same....albeit quirky, but witty and even urbane when we would speak (imagine, the man used the word 'perspicacious' in conversation with me once?) but he somehow took ill due to an environmental danger he wasn't well-enough aware of, and it was too much for him.

strange that i'll not hear from him again...to expect the station phone to ring at 6:40 with his inimitable voice giving instruction, information, updates or advice, and a cheery sign- off after words of encouragement and appreciation. he'd always thank me for my continued participation with the station; i'd always thank him for the opportunity.

i never knew him outside of the station, but he was the watchmaker there...the one who made everything tick. who will wind the watch now?
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