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a long-overdue post that no one but the spambots will notice...


and so it needs to be made...

the first snows have come up here in the pointylands. thus begins the winter of my discontent...with winter. *sigh*

such is the price to pay for living in such a wonderland the other xxxx months of the year, whose number i dare not say, for they are so varied. oft-times we have no spring up here, at least not in the way the flatlanders know it. and 'fall' can last for quite a long time before we're ready to actually give it over to winter proper. i'm still not ready. there will still be hikes, just slower; more weighed down with protective gear and just-in-case-garb. clunky snowshoes will replace fleet sleek hikers, spiked poles instead of mere sticks to offer support over what were merely splashed-wet, not ice-slicked rocks...cold noses, fingers and toes replace sweat trickling down mid-back and shining forehead. such is the way of the seasons.

we've been bringing home dozens of tomatoes from our garden-space, many green and some wizened before their time, lest they become verdant ice cubes and popsicles. no-one here likes them fried-green, as is the southern way, so they rest in the windowsills hoping for miraculous reddening. we'll see. the heirlooms are amazingly hardy. would i could learn from them?

so yes, there it is...another turning of the seasons. what else can i say? see you all on the other side...
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